QVC Today!

Hi Friends!!  Today is the day our little company is going to be live on QVC between 3-5pm central time for a Gourmet Holiday show!  Please tune in to see me sharing our story and how my grandmother's Cinn-A-Rolls have been a tradition in my family for years that we are now sharing with millions today!  I have been absent on the blog lately, because I have been so busy!  This is truly a dream come true for our growing company and I wanted to loop ya'll in!  Feel free to watch, and get yourself some RoRo's for Christmas!!  Orders can be called in during the airing, or ordered online!   Thanks and would love for you to tune in!!


Wednesday Randoms & Rosemary Beach!

We are on the final countdown to vacation...we leave Saturday morning, and I cannot wait!  My husband and I are going to meet my parents, sisters, brother-in-law, and adorable nieces in Rosemary Beach, FL on Saturday for a week.  I'll give a tour of our amazing house next week!  So so excited!  If you haven't been to Rosemary Beach, you should put it on your list...it's seriously my most favorite place ever.  We try to go every year or two.  It is a small beach town with shops, restaurants, and we ride bikes everywhere...doesn't get much better.

We plan to make lots of iced coffees, juice, and make s'more's bars...I can't think of a more winning combination!  Also lot's of walks, beach time, shopping, reading, relaxing, movies, naps, seaside visits, and so much more!

In other random news...I recently bought these for Fall!  Essie Bahama Mama & Smokin' Hot

I've been into painting my own nails lately, so I thought I would invest in some new Fall colors.  This week, I painted mine nude with a fun glitter ring finger!  

 I know this is also pretty random, but I am obsessed with this Fall outfit.  I pinned it forever ago, but just love it all...I love to knit, and am working on a similar scarf for this year...it's taking forever, but I love this style.

And finally to add to this random post, we've got the world's most snuggley dog, Tucker :)  Makes my heart full.

Thanks for reading this random post full of a few things that are making me happy at the moment...Have a great day!


Living Room Tour - Recent Updates!

It's been a while since I have shared our house on my blog.  There have been so many changes and additions.  You can see how these rooms looked shortly after we moved in here.  I've sold things, bought things, diy'd things, been given things, rearranged things...it goes on and on.  But, here is the state of our living room and dining room today!  Hope you enjoy!

This is what you will typically see in our house...a dog :)

Here's a sneak peak into our kitchen.

Hope everyone has had a great Monday!


New Cozy Living Room Chair & Living Room Sneak Peak!

Today I finally got a chair in the style I have been wanting for a while.  I sold 4 of our chairs this week that I liked..but didn't love.  Two were a pair of cane back chairs I found off the side of the road.  I painted and recovered them, and I liked them...but just didn't have the best place for them.  They were pretty, but just not that practical for living room seating since they were so old.  I also had two wingback chairs I bought a while back and had intentions of recovering...but never did.  I had wanted them as end chairs for our dining table, but when we added my grandmother's high boy dresser, there was no room in our long narrow living/dining area.  They were more narrow and not the best for relaxing.  So, today was the day for a cozy chair.  I found it at Marshall's!  You can find a very similar chair here...although I paid about half this price.  Ours has a removable cushion, but both style chairs were available in store. We bought this style for easier cleaning.

I wanted something that would be great to read a book in, drink coffee, and look out the window on a rainy day....ahh the perfect day :)  Here are two shots, and I'll share a full room update since a lot has changed later this week!

Here it is in the room...Everything is really coming together.  I would like to add one more floor lamp to go behind the chair to balance out that left side, and be a good spot to read.  But other than that, this room is D-O-N-E!  More pictures coming!

Happy Weekend!


Woohoo for the Weekend!

I always love Fridays.  Who doesn't?  It's the end of a long week, and the anticipation of the weekend makes it that much sweeter.  Tonight we are going to see a movie, which we haven't done in forever..then go to Barnes & Noble and read magazines...my most favorite thing ever!  When I was growing up my Dad would take me on Daddy-Daughter dates.   I would always request that we go to Barnes & Noble and read magazines.  I just always loved the atmosphere and catching up on my favorite reads.   So tonight, I'm going on a husband date, and that's what I chose :)

We had a great anniversary, and my husband really got creative this year and did some sweet things to make me feel loved.   My parents also sent us this beautiful flower arrangement.  

Here are a couple shots from the day.  He filled each balloon with a word describing us.  He had me pop each one, and then he would explain what it meant.  It was so sweet, and he was pretty proud of his creativity :)

The last several days, we have had unusually low temperatures here in Dallas.  It is making me so so excited for Fall if you can't tell :)  It's my absolute favorite season.  I love everything about it, and now that it is August 1st, (and my half birthday!)  I think it's ok to start talking about it.   So, here we go:

I am loving these new grey Gap leggings to sleep in.  They look so cozy and like something I will be living in over the next few months.   I also really love this handbag!  Perfect for a weekend getaway.

I've also been really into Pinterest lately.  I go in waves...sometimes I am really into it, then I'll go months without looking at it.  This is definitely a pinning season for me, ha!  The Fall pins are killing me and giving me all sorts of good ideas.  I'm a huge Auburn Football fan, so each Saturday for the games, I love to make a new dip to have while we cheer on the Tigers.   I've got 30 more days to go, but here's what's on my agenda for those fun Fall weekends ahead.  All recipes can be found on my Pinterest Recipe Board.

This Creamy Bacon Parmesan dip from Buns In My Oven is amazing.  I made it last year, and it is definitely on the list again to make this Fall.


I'm sure the next few weeks will be filled with fun Fall posts, but until then, here's a little preview of what's to come!  Have a wonderful weekend!


A Lesson In Marriage ~ 4 Years

Four years ago on this day I married my husband.  We never really had one of those easy relationships.  We had our struggles from the get go.  We were two very different people trying to merge our lives together.  

To give you a little background, we met in college on our first day.  There was an initial attraction, but no interest in actually being in a relationship....especially on his end :)  We spent the next two years becoming friends, going back and forth with how we felt about each other...which all led to quite a bit of heartache.  Our relationship was pretty out of order.  In October of 2005, Lauren told me he had fallen in love with me.  Up until this point, we had only been friends...never in a relationship.  I of course felt the same way and it was hard to believe at first that this was really how he felt.

We started dating soon after and were pretty serious (obviously, since he told me he loved me!) from the beginning.  Although it was all fun and exciting, I still had really strong reservations.  I had a lot of deep trust issues with Lauren...some valid, and some due to my own insecurities.  Despite that, we were in love.  A real, deep, passionate, carefree kind of love.  We went on this way for about a year before things got difficult.  

We would fight often, but never seemed to want to end the relationship.  We took a couple of breaks, but we always came back to each other.  This developed some really unhealthy communication and behavior patterns on both of our parts.  I became very manipulative and angry and he became very passive and apathetic.  This is a horrible combination by the way :)

That didn't stop us from still feeling like we were the person that God had intended us to be with.  We still loved each other deeply and didn't have desires for anyone else...but it just felt difficult.  Almost at times, like we could never catch a break.  This carried on into our marriage for the first several years especially.  We had some really dark days and felt isolated at times.  We escalated our arguments to a point that I never thought I would see in my marriage.  Where was that blissful honeymoon phase?  It seemed to have passed us by.  We had started a company, which caused even more stress and disconnect between us.  The first few years of a new business are just plain hard...add that on top of a new struggling marriage and it is just a disaster.  We became very distant, lacked intimacy, and were really just focused on ourselves.  On top of this, my husband came down with a health issue that rocked our world as well.  He had little energy and was at times not himself.  

It was during this time that we began to reach out to our friends and family.  Our community group at church became like family to us and they walked through this season with us.  Without Christ and forgiveness, there would be no Collins family anymore.  I am amazed at the faithfulness that has been shown to us through Jesus and those who truly love us.

I am sharing all this, not to depress you, but to share that marriage struggles are real.  Marriage can be really really hard.  Had Lauren or I chosen to leave this marriage, and I can promise you we both wanted to...we would have missed out on so much that God has in store for our lives.  I'm here to share that even when things get hard, it doesn't mean it's a lost cause.  Through these last four years, I have been able to see some really clear issues with myself and how I treat my spouse, and Lauren has done the same.  I have realized 4 things about myself that contributed to a really bad marriage initially.

1.  I can be very self absorbed.  I didn't put Lauren first.
2.  I often have high and unrealistic expectations of my spouse.
3.  We fundamentally communicate completely differently.
4.  I desire to be in control.  This can often be exhibited in disrespect for my husband.

Once I started to see these issues, I began to see a pattern over the last several years.  Through much discussion, study, grace, and forgiveness, I can honestly say that we are experiencing healing and restoration in our marriage.  It is not overnight, but it is a gradual process that has been happening for us.  I love my husband deeply.  I would do anything for him.  I think I just lost sight of this too easily.  At our church, they promote the phrase "draw a circle around yourself" a lot.  It was annoying to me at first, but it's really so important.  

Today, I am so very thankful for 4 years with Lauren.  In our wedding we wrote our own vows, and I wanted to reflect on those promises I made.


The moment I met you, I knew there was something special about you.  You were so mysterious, cute, and hard to read.  But I soon learned how wonderful your heart is.  You truly are the most amazing man, and I am so lucky to have you.  I know that it's not always going to be easy, and I'm not always going to be lovable.  I know we are both going to make mistakes, but I will choose to love you every day.  I will choose to put you first and receive everything that you are.  I want you to know that this marriage is unconditional to me.  I want to grow old with you.  I want to have children with you.  I want to serve the Lord with you.  So, today, I am promising you everything I have.  For rich or for poor, in sickness and in health, on the really good days, and on the really bad days, I will stand by your side wherever that may be...and I will love you and support you for the rest of my life.

I love you always and forever,


House Files

One of my favorite things to do is browse through Zillow and Redfin and look at homes.  I love to see what's on the market...but really, I love to see how others style their homes.  In the past I have shared this adorable little cottage.  So, today I'm bringing you a few pictures of a house that I found recently.  They did a really good job of maximizing space in their kitchen. We have a small home, so I always love to see how other's make it work.

I love that little area in the kitchen - so functional and cute!  The guest room is also so bright and cheerful.  Hope ya'll have a wonderful Tuesday!  I'll be at the bakery today getting some orders out!

If you have a chance, please visit our Martha Stewart American Made Nomination page!  We are in the running to be a finalist, and I would love it if you would share the news!  The more shares, the more likely we are to be a finalist!


Fall Scarf Preview

I love a good scarf.  I love wearing them, knitting them, and styling them.  Today I'm bringing a few of my favorite picks that are out right now.  I am especially loving the black and white striped scarf...would be perfect for October!  Scroll through to see some of my favorites!

P.S.  Who's going to be watching The Bachelorette finale tonight?!?  I know I will!  


Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee

A few weeks ago, our company participated in Taste of Dallas.  We had a booth inside and out and were schlepping warm Cinn-A-Rolls for $1 all weekend.  It was super hot, but we had a fun time with our friends who helped us work the crowd.  I've never heard so many phrases about a Cinn-A-Roll.  They definitely stopped people in their tracks, and supplied a good amount of laughs all weekend.  Here are just a few of my favorites our friends came up with...

..."It will change your life!"
..."What is your heart telling you?"
..."4 Quarters...You can't get anything for 4 quarters anymore..."

And my personal favorite...

..."RoRo says YOLO!"

I'm sharing this story because at the event, McDonald's was handing out free coupons for a small iced coffee.  I am new to the iced coffee bandwagon and decided to use my coupon to give it a try.  To say my life was changed would be a bit dramatic...but also true :)  I had about 3 coupons and used them all within a few days.  Then I kept finding myself crawling back for more.

So, I had pinned The Pioneer Woman's recipe for iced coffee a while back and finally got the guts to make a batch last night.  I halved this recipe and it filled a pitcher about halfway.  I think it should last  about 1-2 weeks if I have a cup a day...but who's counting...

I followed her instructions and let the coffee steep in a large bowl overnight.  Instead of using cheesecloth to strain the coffee (I started out using a coffee filter, and it was taking forever), I used our French Press to filter it.  It was much faster and easier to use this method.  So, if you have a French Press lying around, I recommend using that.

 I filled the glass with Sonic ice, poured coffee to fill about 3/4 of it....then added a few Tbs. of low fat Half and Half.  I added a little Splenda as well.   The Pioneer Woman has lots of great suggestions on how to flavor it, but I wanted to keep mine around 80 calories if possible.  

It's amazing, and I love that it's made for the week!  Are any of you on the iced coffee kick?

Stay cool today friends, It's going to be a hot one!


Weekend + Wishlist

Happy Friday!  So glad it is finally the weekend.  It feels like we have been going non-stop for the last few weeks.  Today, I was able to stay home, and have a relaxing day.  Did some much needed organizing of our kitchen desk, and was able to eliminate the massive piles of mail and junk that had taken over.  I painted my nails a really pretty nude shade, did the dishes, and a little pre-Fall decorating...I know, I'm crazy, but I just set out one little thing, so that's ok, right?

This is my Fall subway art, that I bring out every year.  I will restrain myself from doing anything else until at least the end of August.

I also had some time to catch up on my favorite blogs, and look at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale items and make a little wish list!  Here are some of my favorite choices - the first isn't actually on sale, but I would love a pair of these earrings to wear this Fall and Winter!

I also really love this handbag in the Cognac color!  It's in the junior's section and the price is amazing!

We have been hitting the gym more lately, so these workout capris would be great not only for the gym, but also running errands as well!

There are so many great items on sale, you should definitely check it out!  

I've added a few other items from other stores to my wish list this week...some for now, some for fall!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend - we will be taking it easy, cooking, and just relaxing this weekend.  Can't wait!


Fall Preview & Simple Roast Chicken Recipe

We had the most amazing weekend with beautiful weather!  It was in the high 60's and low 70's on Friday and felt amazing.  We had some rain earlier in the week, which brought in a cold front with it. For July in Texas, it was a pleasant surprise and sweet Fall preview! That called for some hammock time with Lauren and Tucker outside :)

We got a new coffee table recently, and it is round.  I love that its really rustic and the round shape makes it interesting and something different for this area.  I am definitely getting the Fall itch...usually happens every July...so coffee and candles are my perfect morning routine.  I bought about 5 cinnamon roll (fitting huh?!) candles a few months ago at Kroger on sale for .15 cents each.  I've been holding out to light them, and love the way they make our house smell pumpkins and cinnamon.

This weekend, I was grocery shopping and bought a whole chicken.  It is amazing how much more cost effective it is to just roast your own chicken.  For only $6, you can make a pretty delicious dinner that is really quick and easy.  I followed Ina Garten's recipe, found here.  I think the key is basting the raw chicken in melted butter, and I also sprinkled truffle salt all over it, which was pretty amazing.

I served it with rice, broccoli and RoRo's Dinn-A-Rolls.  It was amazing and a great comfort meal on a Sunday night before a busy week.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!  I'll be trying to blog more especially now that my favorite season is approaching!  


Sweet Summertime

Hello!  Can ya'll believe it is already SUMMER?!?  I have taken quite some time off from blogging, but that hasn't stopped me from reading my daily favorites every morning.  I just have been so busy and have not made the time, but thought I would pop in for a quick update!

Life has been great for us, the business is growing...we just launched our rolls in Whole Foods Stores in the DFW area so that has been so exciting for us!

Also - today is my hubby's 29th birthday!  The girls and I brought him some Cinn-A-Rolls and coffee in bed this morning!

Here are some of his gifts - I got him a sound bar for our living room - you can kind of see it in the background on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center - it has blue tooth so we can play music from our computers and iphones/ipads which is pretty cool...we are big music people so I think it will be nice to have in the house.

In a few weeks we will be headed to New York for a big trade show called the Fancy Food Show.  There are food companies from all over the world - it will be amazing!  I will definitely do a re-cap of how that goes - we have been working on our booth styling and finalizing everything.  I had Allison from Mary & Jack on etsy make some custom chalkboard signs and they turned out so cute!! I plan to use these a lot for shows and in store demos of our products!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!