Simple Bathroom Gallery Wall

I've slowly been decorating and organizing around here, and I wanted to share a little gallery wall I did in our hall bathroom.  I have had this tile and mirror for years.  They were from my grandmother, GB, who lives in Birmingham.  She used to go to garage sales and flea markets ALL the time...which has resulted in endless treasures that she gives to me when I visit.  I have loved these two items, but never had the right place for them until now.  I may add a few other things to this gallery wall, but I love that these pieces now have a place.

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Our Living Room & Dining Room So Far

We had our first little dinner party last night with some of our best friends, and I was so excited to have them all come see our house.  There is much work to be done, but I am pretty happy with how our little home is coming together.  Eventually, we will be getting lighter couches, a rug, drapes, and chairs for the dining room...but for now, this suits us just fine!  Several of the pieces in the living room were DIY projects of mine, so it's nice to finally see it all coming together.

(sorry for the iphone pics!)

I bought these candle holders yesterday from Target and am obsessed.  I love the glam factor it brings to this space.  I tend to draw towards traditional, clean lines, with touches of glam and gold...so these were a perfect fit for this space.  I like how they give a clean separation between the living room and dining area.  

The walls in our dining area are stenciled.  The house came this way, and I plan to keep it like this for a while.  

For our party, I made chicken fajitas, and we had Sprinkles cupcakes and Skinny Girl Margaritas...it doesn't get any better than that in my book!  Right now we are using our old chairs from our kitchen table, but I am envisioning a bench in the front, with bold end chairs, and possibly white slip covered chairs on the opposite side of the table.  The farmhouse table was also a flea market find for $150!  It has been sitting in my parents garage, so we decided to take it off their hands until we find something else...but I am really loving it, so it may be here to stay.

Here is a closer look at the table I made.  I painted the frame a brass color, stained a piece of wood, and added nail head trim.
The bench in the background is a freebie from my grandmother.  If you look closely, you can see my gold athena tray on the coffee table...I totally copied Danielle's amazing styling of her coffee table!

This may be one of my favorite nooks in the room.  I stained this side table, and the little boxwood topiary is a Restoration Hardware gift from my grandmother...Isn't it cute?!

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Our Weekend in Pictures

I hope ya'll had a good holiday weekend.  We enjoyed our relaxing weekend around the house.  I wanted to share few pictures from our weekend with you guys, along with some yummy recipes I am loving lately.

This salad is so good, and SO simple.  

Fresh Organic Baby Spinach
Goat Cheese Crumbles
Honey Roasted Pecan Pieces
Raspberry Vinaigrette 

I made these Sunday night...again...SO simple and delish.

Chilled White Wine 
Orange slices

We did some yard work...I am loving my little blue bench and Target pillow!

I bought a bird feeder too!

Hubby set up a kiddie pool for Finnley in the back yard...she is not so sure about it just yet :)

Yesterday, I made these muffins.  I call them Yummy Muffins. They are so good and healthy!  I decided to add 2 Tbs. of Chia Seeds to this batch.  Have you tried Chia Seeds?  So far I am a fan!

I worked at the hospital last night...So now, I am going to enjoy breakfast and catch up on the Bachelorette!   

Have a wonderful day friends!  Tomorrow, I will be sharing some updates around the house!


Happy Memorial Day!

I am so happy for a holiday weekend, and happy to have my hubby off of work for a few days.  Do ya'll have any big plans?  I think we will be doing some yard work and possibly painting a few rooms in the house.  I'm also thinking a fun holiday cocktail and yummy dessert might be in order. 

 I apologize for being a little MIA this week...moving is hard work!  I'll be back next week with some fun projects I've been working on.  Have a safe and fun weekend!


The Cutest Little Bungalo

Do you ever find yourself looking at real estate just for fun?  I do!  Although we just moved into our first little home (more pictures coming soon!), I wanted to share this adorable house I found.  I love the colors, the style, and just the overall feel.  It 1,100 square feet of cuteness!

Told you it was pretty great!  I love the chalkboard wall in the kitchen and all the light colors throughout the house...ideas, ideas, ideas!

Have a great day friends!


Welcome! ~ Front Door Decor

I am a little bit obsessed with Boxwood lately...so when I saw this wreath at Target, I snatched it up.  I love it on our new front door!

I wanted to share some little touches I added yesterday.  I ran a million errands to some of my favorite stores...Home Goods, World Market, Target, Sample House, West Elm...finding all kinds of goodies for the new house.  I'll share more as we go, but here are some new additions to our front porch.

My mother in law was in town when we moved and she brought me this pretty potted plant from one of the many Home Depot runs...I love it...my mom added the butterflies.  Perfect for Summer.

I picked up this door mat yesterday at Target.  It is from the Privet House line and I love it.  They have some really great stuff, you should stop in and check it out.

And finally, I'll leave you with Miss Finnley.  She is LOVING her big backyard!

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OH...and I was so busy yesterday that I totally forgot...I am a new guest blogger over at Viva Bella Events!  So be sure to stop by and check out my first post!

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A Glimpse Into Our Home!

Good morning!  Our moving weekend went really well, but I am exhausted!  I wanted to stop in real quick and give you a little peak into our home...much work to be done!  Hope ya'll are having a great day!


Guest Post ~ A Thoughtful Place

Happy Friday friends!  I am so happy to have one of my all-time favorite bloggers over here to share some fun and creative ways to decorate your home!  Courtney's blog was one of the first blogs that I fell in love with.  It is now a daily read of mine, and I love her creative approach to decorating and hosting amazing parties.  Make her feel welcome!

Hi. I am Courtney from A Thoughtful Place. I am so excited for Amy and her new home. There is nothing more exciting than starting fresh and enjoying making your house a home. I want to share just a few tips on the art of filling your walls. It always seems that there is a bare wall every where you turn and we all know that artwork can be pricey. I am a huge believer in filling the walls with pieces that hold meaning. When you do so, your home becomes an expression of who you really are rather than just a museum. Here are a few pieces we have created in our home at very little cost. 

1. Subway Art: Although seen and done everywhere, this piece is still one of our very favorites. If you make your own, you can customize it to fit your and your family. This sign is a compilation of important street names in our life. Click for tutorial.

2. Canvas Art:  I love finding easy ways to fill a wall but without spending very much money. Here I sprayed three canvases with spray paint after masking off a message for my son's room. Click for tutorial.

3.  Important Dates: In these frames, I printed out my children's birthdates. Simple and didn't cost a dime. See more here.

4. Sassy Matting: Consider matting a favorite photo with scrapbook paper or fabric. It's an inexpensive way to add some personality to a space. 

5. Lastly, go big or go home! Take any photo you love and create a statement piece out of it. Above our bed we have a photo my husband took of his guitar strings. It's an important part of our life. I bought mat paper and cute the opening myself. The frame used to have a random city print it had come with. The frame was a dark brown so I simply sprayed it with silver paint. 

Amy, thank you so much for letting me hang out here with your readers! And congratulations on the new move. 

Isn't she great?!?  In case you haven't heard...Courtney recently launched her new design firm, Casey Grace Design, with her sister.  Together they are beginning a new interior design company, and their portfolio is amazing.  Definitely check them out if you are needing some help decorating your space!  They do e-design too!

Happy Weekend!  I'll be busy packing...We move tomorrow...WooHoo!