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Happy Friday friends!  I am so happy to have one of my all-time favorite bloggers over here to share some fun and creative ways to decorate your home!  Courtney's blog was one of the first blogs that I fell in love with.  It is now a daily read of mine, and I love her creative approach to decorating and hosting amazing parties.  Make her feel welcome!

Hi. I am Courtney from A Thoughtful Place. I am so excited for Amy and her new home. There is nothing more exciting than starting fresh and enjoying making your house a home. I want to share just a few tips on the art of filling your walls. It always seems that there is a bare wall every where you turn and we all know that artwork can be pricey. I am a huge believer in filling the walls with pieces that hold meaning. When you do so, your home becomes an expression of who you really are rather than just a museum. Here are a few pieces we have created in our home at very little cost. 

1. Subway Art: Although seen and done everywhere, this piece is still one of our very favorites. If you make your own, you can customize it to fit your and your family. This sign is a compilation of important street names in our life. Click for tutorial.

2. Canvas Art:  I love finding easy ways to fill a wall but without spending very much money. Here I sprayed three canvases with spray paint after masking off a message for my son's room. Click for tutorial.

3.  Important Dates: In these frames, I printed out my children's birthdates. Simple and didn't cost a dime. See more here.

4. Sassy Matting: Consider matting a favorite photo with scrapbook paper or fabric. It's an inexpensive way to add some personality to a space. 

5. Lastly, go big or go home! Take any photo you love and create a statement piece out of it. Above our bed we have a photo my husband took of his guitar strings. It's an important part of our life. I bought mat paper and cute the opening myself. The frame used to have a random city print it had come with. The frame was a dark brown so I simply sprayed it with silver paint. 

Amy, thank you so much for letting me hang out here with your readers! And congratulations on the new move. 

Isn't she great?!?  In case you haven't heard...Courtney recently launched her new design firm, Casey Grace Design, with her sister.  Together they are beginning a new interior design company, and their portfolio is amazing.  Definitely check them out if you are needing some help decorating your space!  They do e-design too!

Happy Weekend!  I'll be busy packing...We move tomorrow...WooHoo!


  1. Love the birth date artwork! Definitely want to do this for my little guy! XO

  2. Love Courtney's blog...fun to see her visiting yours! Good luck with the move

  3. Ohh those dates framed in the mirror frames are my favorite! Such a cute idea. Love that they have meaning and look so chic.


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