Chic Little Bathrooms

Today I have a fun guest post from Arcadian Lighting.  They contacted me a few weeks ago with the idea to write a guest post on "Chic Little Bathrooms".  With our upcoming move, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these lovely little spaces with you guys!  Check out the bicycle vanity & exposed brick bathroom...kind of amazing!

Hi, all! I'm Mari visiting from Arcadian Lighting, the place to go for light fixtures and online lighting news. One of my favorite things about being a writer for Arcadian Lighting is that I have the opportunity to do guest posts for great blogs like Fresh & Fancy. Today's topic is chic little bathrooms. These little gems are filled with beautiful lighting and creative decorating ideas you can use to make the most of your small bathrooms and turn them into chic little spaces. Please enjoy!

Even tiny spaces can seem more spacious and make a big chic style statement with paint. If you're bold when it comes to color in your surroundings, consider coating walls, ceiling and wood trim in one brilliant hue.

From lively color, we turn to a lovely understated chic formality in this elegant bath. Silk draperies and silvery clawfoot tub, what could be better than that in a small bath?

This small bath with its Zen feel beckons one to indulge in a long hot relaxing soak beneath a beautiful Moravian star pendant light.

Can you say Paris chic? From the tiny checkerboard floor to the bicycle supported sink, this small bath exudes light-hearted chic style.

A pretty glass tile floor-to-ceiling backsplash adds sparkle to this sedate, but stylishly chic bath. It's a perfect backdrop for a vase of cut flowers that can easily be changed in a moment and on a color whim.

A contemporary take on old world elegance, this chic and sophisticated bath is a lovely updated mix of yesterday and today. The contemporary wall sconces are a beautiful contrast to the slightly rustic wall.

This is one of my favorite bathroom designs because of the lovely factory windows used as a shower enclosureócool industrial chic.

This chic little bath is a study in making the most of a small space with a few flaws. For example, because of the brick the electrical line must stay, so just ignore it and paint it into the wall. The pretty softly pleated skirt adds a splash of color while hiding the sinks unsightly parts. Adding a black toilet seat is a clever decorating choice.

Bathrooms can easily be enhanced with the right lighting. Which design was your favorite? If you're looking for great priced lighting and more, check out our great selection here at Arcadian Lighting!

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Hope ya'll have a great weekend...I'll be busy packing, attending TWO weddings, and packing some more :)


  1. Gosh, Arcadian Lighting is on a roll! Love all of these images...I would take any of these bathrooms any day! ;) Happy Weekend!!

  2. I love these bathrooms! So pretty. I especially love that first red one!


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