Our Bedroom Before & After

Welcome to our bedroom sneak peak!  These pictures are a little older and not the best quality, but I wanted to share a glimpse of our work-in-progress bedroom in our first apartment!  Here is the initial transformation from Bachelor Pad to home!

My husband lived in our apartment the month before we got married, and here is what we were working with...can you say BACHELOR PAD!!!  Notice the double stacked mattresses and mis-matched pillow cases....boys...ha!

I found these two tables on Craigslist...$35 for BOTH!  The lamps were both from Target.  (sorry for the blurry iphone pic!)

Ahhh....much better!  This is about 2 months after we moved in.  I bought the fabric from www.fabric.com and had my grandmother sew these panel curtains.  I painted both nightstands a grayish-blue, and added matching baskets to go under that could hold all of our random clutter.

I love walking into a clean, white room, much more relaxing!  We didn't paint the walls because we are renting our first apartment, but I can't wait to move into our first house and add color to the walls!

I would love to have some kind of art over the lamps, but am kind of waiting on any more decorating until we get a house.  After we move, I am most likely going to have our bedroom be more neutral and use these panel curtains somewhere else in the house, or possibly make them into pillows.  But for now, this room suits us just fine.  Hope you like it!

Here is a closer shot of the nightstand and new knobs.

 Most of all, I love this face when I walk in our room!  Meet Miss Finnley!

Happy Friday!  Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl!  Monday I'll post about some fun Super Bowl snacks I am making for a party with some friends!


  1. Hey there!!! Thanks for saying hello. :)))

    And I love the makeover....it looks great! Very clean & bright [and I love that pillow w/ the yellow accents from Tarjay!].

    Don't you just love your bedroom now? I swear, I can a few small changes to ours and I feel like it's brand new!

  2. You did a fabulous job! I love the framed ikat print- I have the same one on a throw pillow :) And, I love the coral reef lamp- where is it from?

    1. Thank you! The lamp is from Home Goods - love that store!!

  3. Your room is really sweet. The touches you added are perfect! Awww and your dog is adorable! too cute.

  4. Came out really really well! P.S. Love your sweet blog.

  5. isnt it amazing what a little accessorizing can do??? a woman's touch always makes the biggest difference...great job my dear

  6. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE your bedroom, it's gorgeous! You did an amazing job and I love the colors you chose. The blue and white looks very chic and soothing :)

    Also, I just found your blog (I absolutely love it!) and I'm your newest follower! Xoxo

  7. congrats! isn't it so exciting to be a newly wed? you did a great job with the room. i love your perfume tray!

  8. Loving your room! The colors are fab and I love the fabric of your curtains!

  9. Oh miss Amy!!! I am completely impressed to see such a drastic transformation...bachelor pads are less than glam, and this is completely classic and gorgeous! Bravo, my dear, I'm loving your blog, too! Let's be friends, shall we? (c;

  10. Such a pretty room! Those drapes are fantastic- so awesome to have a grandmother that sews:) I have those same Target lamps too:)

  11. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous makeover!!! i love how warm the room feels. i too moved into my hubbys old bachelor pad. it is hard work making it feel homey ;) happy to be a new follower!

  12. Awesome room make-over! I love your style. Consider me a new follower!

    Beth - Design Your Dwelling blog


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