Fabulous Rooms ~ Abode Love

I have been a long-time reader of Laurel Dawn's blog, Abode Love.  A true Southerner with amazing style.  Her home is incredible.  I'm sure you've seen her striped hallways and perfect gallery wall floating around Pinterest.  You have to hop on over to her blog and check our the "Man Mountain" she designed for her husband & the rest of her fabulous home!  

Today, I wanted to show the home that she designed for some of her close friends, Landon & Kelly.  Everything about their living room, kitchen, and dining room was focused on detail, and definitely my style.  Take a look, and enjoy the work that is Abode Love!

Check her blog for details on all the furniture/decor if you are interested!  The ikat slip covers were custom made from Ballard Designs...and I am completely in love with them!


A peak into their kitchen...I love the detailing of the backsplash and white accents.

Laurel-Dawn also designed the living room, which blends so well with the decor in the dining area and kitchen.  She did a great job creating a neutral space with pops of interest and color.

I love a well designed gallery wall :)

I hope ya'll enjoyed a glimpse into this beautiful abode.  Laurel-Dawn knows where it's at!  Have a wonderful day friends!


  1. Thank you for highlighting such a tastemaker! She is so incredibly talented!!

  2. I hadn't seen this, so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to check out her blog.


  4. What a gorgeous, cozy home! Off to check out her blog.

  5. i loveee laurel's blog!!! slash.. i am obsessed with her decorating taste. the makeover she did on her own house is insanely gorgeous :) thanks for sharing these photos!

  6. I love following her blog. She has such great style. These rooms are gorgeous!! I want that gray ikat fabric on my dining chairs now. :)

  7. She is definitely one talented lady! Her home is perfectly fabulous...and with projects like that one going on, no wonder she's so busy!

  8. What a beautiful home! I love the ikat print she chose for the dining chairs.

  9. i am so in love with this kitchen/living room!


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