Easy Updates ~ Lampshade Makeover

I totally copied this from Carmel of Our Fifth House, and Courtney of A Thoughtful Place...and I am SO glad I did!  It's amazing what a little ribbon can do to a plain Jane lampshade!

Here is the before...a little too much white that didn't stand out. 

 I used a gray grosgrain ribbon and just hot glued it around the edges of the shade. I only used one drop of glue at the seam of the shade, and one on the opposite side.  It seriously took me 5 minutes!

Our little makeshift entryway is coming together!

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately.  I didn't post the tutorial yesterday on the DIY skirted table cover, because I didn't feel like I took enough pictures during the process to give you a clear idea...plus most of it was improvised along the way :) 

Also, there are some exciting things going on in our business right now, so that has kept me a little sidetracked.  Owning your own business is so fun and rewarding, but lots of responsibility and work!  I will keep ya'll posted on things as they unfold!  Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement.  I love having this blog to share my creative projects and home with you guys!

Happy Weekend friends!

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  1. Gosh, you are SO skilled at the "details." Seriously, ever nook and cranny has so much character. LOVE this lil table set up, and LOVE the books under the lamp! SO CUTE, friend! Happy Weekend!


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