Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

I have loved the image below for so long, and plan to create something similar for our dining room.  It doesn't seem too difficult to make the rectangular wooden box, and I plan to stain it a dark walnut color.  I love all the different candles and pumpkins.  This is really a cozy and warm centerpiece that will make our home ready for Fall!

Here is the current state of our dining room.  We sold our old table set and have not bought chairs yet, so it's a little sad looking :(  I just put this centerpiece together with random Fall decor I had from last year.  I don't love it, but can't wait to recreate the look above!

And have you heard??  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK!  I plan on getting one today on the way to my Bible Study.  It's the Women's Wednesday morning bible study at our church and I'm doing it with my friend Bethany.  I can't wait for this time to enjoy Fall and grow closer to the Lord this season.

Later this week I plan on sharing my Fall bucket list with you guys.  Can you tell this is my favorite season?!?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love fall too! I just indulged in my first psl of the season yesterday!

    Your fall centerpiece looks awesome! So fun!

  2. What a cozy fall center piece. I have been searching for inspiration for my fall tablescape and mantel, but not yet found anything I really, really love. Still not sure what I'm doing, but this definitely sparks some ideas. Hope your week is going well.

  3. Love that pumpkin/fall center piece! I think if you add the box like in the first picture and 'fluff' it up with some more leaves/etc, you can definitely recreate it. SO excited for pumpkin spice lattes!!

  4. how cute is your tables center piece! very festive for fall. xo

  5. love the look. i wish our dining room table was big enough to pull something off like this. maybe i'll make a miniature version :)

    oh and livingsocial was having a $5 giftcard for $10 worth of starbucks! you betcha i bought one :)

  6. Your table is just beautiful! I mean, I like the centerpiece, but I'm dying for a farmhouse table like that :)

    Enjoy your lattes! I've had about three already this season!



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