A Valentine's Gift that Gives Back

Hey ya'll!  I just received some VERY exciting news!  As you all know, we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign for our business as a way to collectively fund our renovation project.  In return for backing our project, we are offering all kinds of DELICIOUS rewards for you guys that will be delivered right to your doorstep if we meet our goal!  The exciting part is, I just received confirmation that our Cinn-A-Rolls will be sent via DIRECT Military Aircraft to Afghanistan to our troops!  They will arrive fresh and delicious and bring a yummy taste of home!  We are offering this as a $10 reward level throughout our campaign.  If you would like to pledge $10, we will ensure that your gift is delivered straight to our troops ... how cool is that?!?  So, visit our page and see how you can "Show some V-Day Love" & give back, OR how you can give a Valentine's Gift in someone's honor!  Please spread the word!

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