It's August/Almost F-A-L-L!!!

You know what that means! It's almost FALL!  I know it will hardly feel like Fall here in Dallas, but a girl can dream, right?!?  I am in love with Fall and the Holiday season, and I can't wait to start getting into that mode once August rolls around.  Yesterday I got my favorite Fall candles from Hobby Lobby. I have been home sick and these have definitely cheered me up!  

Their Harvest Home line of candles are the absolute best.  There are two different scents, and I get them both every year.  Plus, they are almost always 40-50% off!  So, you can't beat $5 for an amazing Fall candle.

A few things that I am excited about...

I am dreaming of Pupmkins...

I also can't wait for college FOOTBALL...War Eagle!  We are actually going to the Auburn/A&M game on October 19th in college station, and I cannot wait!  Haven't been to a college game in sooooo long!

I've also gotten alot of interest in my Fall Bucket List from my Pinterest page.  I made this last year and completed most things, but not all.  Since I love this list so much, I am going to re-use it this year and see if I can complete everything. 

 I have found that these things bring me so much joy, and it is so important to make time in your life to do the things you love with the people you love most.

I have spent the last two years growing our business, which is great...but in the beginning of a start-up company, it can completely consume your life.  It is definitely a sacrifice, and I missed ALOT of weekends and free-time over the last 2 years.  I really don't regret it at all...because I have truly learned the meaning of hard work and dedication....but I am SO glad to have a little more balance these days, and a wonderful team that allows me to enjoy life a bit more :)

And, because I can't help myself, I have just ordered these festive straws to use over the next few months!

Are ya'll excited about Fall too??

Have a wonderful Day!


  1. While I love fall, I am not sure I am quite ready. Summer is going by way too fast! Only get so many months with my girls.

  2. Love fall because I love to layer!! We have been growing pumpkins in our yard since March so I am so excited because they are getting nice and plump!


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