Gallery Wall Sneak Peak

So these arrived yesterday, and I am in love!  Sarah Swanson painted these beauties, and I managed to hang the navy because I was too excited to wait.  I have to pick up two more frames for the other two, but I'll definitely post pictures of them all together when I get them up.  For now, here's a sneak peak!

I wanted to add a pop of coral/pink somewhere in our living room, and this was perfect.  Sarah is the best!  Definitely check out her etsy shop!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S.  I'm in the process of painting our kitchen...halfway through I changed my mind on the color...I originally wanted Sharkey Gray, then in the store, I changed my mind to Stonington Gray...then after I painted half of the kitchen, I decided I should have stayed with Sharkey Gray.  Stonington was too blue...Luckily, I had a gallon of Sharkey Gray at home because I bought it for another room in our house.  So, there I was at 2am, painting my kitchen like a crazy person.  So now, half is Sharkey, and half is Stonington...

Hubby doesn't know yet...I'm sure he will be thrilled when he wakes up :)

Lesson of the day:  Go with your first instinct!  


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  2. Love the pieces you chose from Sarah's shop!

  3. I love what you chose, I can't wait to see it all together!


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