Weekly Wish List

Hello friends...are you glad it's Friday??  I sure am.  I'm looking forward to spending some time relaxing and working on projects around the house.  To me, those are the best weekends ever, so I can't wait!

It's time for another Weekly Wish List...

I am loving this dress from Shop Bop...perfect for a beach vacation.

And look at the back...so cute!

I really like this West Elm rug.  It is light and a great summer rug for a kitchen entry way.  I love the colors too!


I think this horn sculpture from Design Darling is just the right amount of glam and quirkiness...and I would love this in our living room.  


I really really would love this Cozamia painting somewhere in my house.  She has amazing work!


Ok, if all of those could just show up on my front porch that would be great :)

 I had fun sharing some of my top items of the week with you guys.  Have a fun and relaxing weekend!  


  1. i love cozamia. been going back and forth on whether to pull the trigger and just buy one!! i love them all and can't decide which one i want ;)

  2. Kinda digging that dress too! My friend has a lilly one that is similar, but I love that this one is a bit different in the bottom. Great find!

  3. That dress is so so cute! I am in love with that painting and if you get it I will be super jealous! Have a fun weekend:)

  4. Ahh I can't wait to start our house projects. My poor fiance...I have ideas in my head & on pinboards like you wouldn't believe...he has no idea what's coming :)

    Lovin' the dress as well!

    Happy Friday :)


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