Christmas Card Book ~ Our Cards Through the Years

Three years ago when we celebrated our first married Christmas together, I was so excited to make our first Christmas card.  Giving and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.  It never gets old to get a card in the mail :)

As a way to keep our cards through the years, I created an album that is now one of my most precious possessions.  Each year, I have added our Christmas card to a page.  Over the years, it will be so neat to see how our family has grown and changed!  I also include our envelopes with our address labels, so we will always remember the different places we have lived over the years.  If my children are anything like me, they will love to have  this keepsake someday to reflect on our family that my husband and I have started. 

Our first Christmas Card is on the cover.

Amy Owens from Amo-Ink designed our first Christmas card.  We decided to do postcards, and I love how this turned out!

For our second Christmas, I created our card with PicMonkey & assembled them myself.  I LOVE how these cards turned out, but they did take a very long time :)  The address labels are from Erin Condren...they have the cutest labels and gift tags!  

This year, I opted for quick and easy.  We have been so busy this season, that we haven't had time to take family photos, so this picture at our Pumpkin Carving party actually captures our life pretty well right now...a little chaotic :)  (notice the dogs...tucker is trying to eat the pumpkin!)
Thank goodness for Walgreens!  I ordered these and picked them up within an hour.  I really liked a few of their designs, and decided to go with more of a non-traditional color route this year. 

I love this season and collecting cards from friends and family.  I keep them all in this little basket by our front door.

Do ya'll love getting Christmas cards as much as I do??

Hope all of you are having a very blessed and merry holiday season!


  1. What a fantastic idea! You are going to love looking back on these. I might just have to steal this idea! Except I don't get as fancy with the labels and addresses. I need to work on this. :) Your cards are all so beautiful!

  2. What a perfect idea!! I hope it is ok that I will be stealing this idea! :)

  3. I love this idea! I have an extra photo album at home and our Christmas cards came in the mail today! Thanks for the idea!

    I keep every card we receive and just used old Christmas cards as backgrounds for our food/bev tags at our ugly sweater party.

    I'm loving how our garland is filling up with cards from friends and family!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this idea! I love sending out cards each year and I've been wanting to put them in a book, but I couldn't decide exactly what size/what to do. I love how you put them in a scrapbook so you can see the front/back of the card along with your address, it's perfect! I may have to copy this idea :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, where did you find your scrapbook?

  5. yes! I love checking the mail daily!

  6. Checking the mail daily for christmas cards is SO fun!

    I like the idea of keeping special cards in a book! I am planning to take last years cards and this years cards, putting them on rings and displaying them at Christmas.

    I hope y'all had a nice Christmas!

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  8. My mom gave me this idea when we were first married 5 years ago, but I haven't been able to find the right scrapbook yet. I just came across this on Pinterest and love yours! Where is it from? Thank you!


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