Christmas Wish List ~ Coffee Table Books

I will be sharing a series of my Holiday Wish Lists with you guys over the next week.  I have loved reading all of the great gift guides out there and have been working on my list.  I am very particular, and it often takes me a while to decide on decor that I bring into my home.  It has to be just right...and my style is always evolving...but when I find something that I love...I really love it.  Today, I'm sharing some great books that I would LOVE to have in our home to not only read, but also use as coffee table books...they are all so pretty!  I've had my eye on most of these for a long time, and hope I see one of them sitting under the tree!

We are headed to Mexico on Sunday for a week, and I can't wait!  I'll have lots of free time finally and plan to get back to blogging when I can!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am pretty sure I want every single one of those books, too!

  2. I put YHL's on my christmas list! I was bummed I didn't go to their book signing in DC!

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