Dream Living Room + My Favorite Nightly Ritual

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  

I have been in such a nesting mode ever since we moved into our house.  I feel like I am constantly thinking of new things to do, re-arranging our furniture, painting rooms, and dreaming up ways to make our house feel like our home.  I love reading my fav blogs, and have been way more into Pinterest lately.

I put together this little board for a living room that I would love to create in our home someday.  It is calm, pretty, and neutral.  Definitely a space where I could cozy up and do what has become my favorite nightly ritual:

1.  Have a glass of wine or hot tea
2.  Pin on Pinterest 
3.  Watch Real Housewives of NJ, OC, NY, or BevHills

Does anyone else look forward to this part of the day as much as I do??

Have a wonderful day!


  1. love the board - especially the painting and pillows!

  2. I love the board you created! Winding down at the end of a crazy day is always welcomed!!

  3. That board looks to make a very cozy room! Huge fan of Pinterest and the ideas that come from it!


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