Living Room Update ~ Rug Wanted!

Hello everyone!  I think it's definitely time to update ya'll on our living room progress.  Although, since this picture has been taken - I have painted the dining room walls in urbane bronze by Sherwin Williams and am loving it!  Also - our couch sadly is not in as great shape - don't get a new couch with a puppy! I am loving the way this room is coming along - but it definitely needs a rug.  I will probably wait until the end of the year to actually get one when Tucker outgrows this stage a bit.

My two favorite places to look for rugs has been Rugs Usa & West Elm

Here are my top 3 choices:

This Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug from West Elm is definitely the front runner.  It is neutral, yet interesting, and I really think it would work great in this room in a 9x12 version...I would also love to have a matching one under our dining table!  It's definitely on my wish list!

This is another great rug - It's a Tuscan Moroccan Shag rug from Rugs USA.  If I didn't have two big dogs - this would be the front runner I think...but it would just not be practical in our home at this point in life.

Last, but not least, this is another Tuscan Moroccan Trellis Rug from Rugs USA that is really pretty and may work for this space.  The only thing I worry about is that it may be a little too busy - but maybe not!  I really love the way it looks - and gray may hide some of the dirt our dogs bring in.

What do you guys think??


  1. Coming from a dog owner, I would say the jute is the most practical.

  2. Your house looks so cozy! I adore that ottoman in front of the couch! Where is that from?

  3. It looks great, love it. I vote #3.

  4. #1 hands down. It is interesting and neutral, allowing you to switch up bits of your decor as you feel the need, without having to compete with the rug. I have a friend who purchased #2 and was disappointed. If you really liked the look of that one, I'd splurge for the West Elm version. =)

  5. Moroccan rug always shows adorable look that make your home decor decent. recently i seen this type of rug at rugsville.com


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