Bachelorette Recap & I need your HELP!

Ok, who is glad that Emily picked Jef?!?  I sure was!  I went to a little party with my girlfriends last night, and we made homemade pizzas, drank wine, and had a ball.  I thought this was seriously one of the sweetest Bachelor finales ever...and I know I say this every time...but they really do seem SO in love!  I did like Arie, but was glad she let him go the way she did.  Jef was so genuine and sweet, and I am so excited she chose him.  Yay for Emily & Jef!  What do you think...where you a fan??

Now, on to the most RANDOM thing ever.  Last year, before I had a blog and Pinterest, I would read blogs all the time and pull & save pictures that I thought were really pretty for home decor inspiration to an album on my computer so I could remember certain decorating ideas that I liked.

I saved these pictures below because I loved the paint colors and decor in this bloggers home...but I didn't bookmark where it was from, and it is starting to drive me crazy!  I would LOVE to know if any of you know where these pictures are from/which blog??  I would love to continue to read up on this blog, but have no clue where to find them.  I think I must have seen them in a holiday link up, because I loved the holiday decor too!  Please, help me!  I promise I'm not a creep, just loved her house! haha!

Please share if you know who's beautiful home this is so I can stalk their blog...Thanks!

...and tell me I am not the only freak out there who has had this problem...

Peace out!


  1. That is something I always do, forget where I found something! I love the paint colors soo pretty

  2. I was happy Emily picked Jef too and that she was finally so sure about her decision. I don't know which blog the pictures are from, but the house is beautiful.

  3. The Blog is Fat Hydrangea. I read it all the time!

  4. Did follow the show this time around. Glad to see someone found the blog for you. I can see why you were attracted to it. Gorgeous home!

  5. I love those house pictures as well! Gorgeous!!


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