A Tiled Foyer

If you've read my blog before, you know I love a good entryway.  Unfortunately we don't have a foyer in our home.  Our living room and dining area is one large open space right when you walk in.  But if we did...and someday when we do...I would love to have a really cool tile define this space.  Aren't these foyers great??

images via
I can't decide which look is my favorite.  Do you find yourself changing your style all the time like me? Major design ADD...oh well, it keeps things interesting around here.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. i saw you pin that first one on pinterest...i absolutely love that blue and green tile! i'm not sure i could do it for the whole entryway, but it'd be beautiful in a powder room!

  2. I love all those entryways! And yes, I am always changing my mind when it comes to design and house decor!!! :)


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