Frugal Finds

I get so excited when I find a great deal...do you??  I wanted to share some of my recent frugal finds with you guys today, and where you can find some of your own!

This little pale is from Target, and it already had the chalkboard label on it...Found it in the dollar spot for $1!  I feel like the dollar spot was one of the smartest things Target ever did.  

The geometric pillow was a Stein Mart find for $11...I love the pop of color it brings to our otherwise neutral living room.

I bought this tray a few weeks ago from Sample House for $4.  Sample house is one of my favorite boutiques here in Dallas, they have amazing candles, home decor and gift items.

I also bought this little silver shaker from World Market for $2.  I filled it with Cinnamon to sprinkle on my coffee & oatmeal...I am totally getting excited for Fall...can't wait!

I found this little Tea Pot Tea Bag rest for $4 at Crate & Barrel, and thought it was so cute.  I know it is not really a necessity, but I am a sucker for cute little things!  The splenda holder is also a Crate & Barrel find from a while ago.  I love when everything has a place, can you tell??

And finally, I wanted to show you my little owl.  I grabbed him from Marshall's for $5!  Owls are pretty popular right now, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on one, so this was perfect.  He is not sitting pretty on our kitchen shelf.

Have you all found any great frugal finds lately??  Would love for you to share your favorite places to shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the owl! I've seen those little pales at Target too! Such a great deal for $1!

  2. I love a great deal and you found such great pieces that really add character to your home.

  3. great finds! i love the dollar spot!

  4. I love a good deal - makes me sooo happy! :) You found some goodies!

  5. I love the dollar aisle at Target, I think there is something worth buying every.single.time:)


  6. Wow, what great finds!!! You would be the perfect shopping buddy :) Loved the cinnamon shakers... isn't those small little purchases some of the best!?!

  7. Love Target dollar store! Saw that same owl at TJ Maxx yesterday.

  8. Wow, you scored! That Target Dollar bin always has something I need! Ha! Love your shaker and cute geometric pillow!


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