Our Bedroom ~ The Plan

Hello everyone!  I feel like life has been crazy busy lately...all good stuff...but I am just worn out!  Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was filled with rest, cooking, football, and painting!

We bought our house a little over a year ago, and have loved making it our own.  That process is fun, but can be super overwhelming at the same time.  Two rooms that have been completely neglected have been our bedroom, and the 3rd bedroom.  It currently only serves the function of being Tucker's room, where we keep her crate....and an overflow storage room of stuff that I need to sort through and put somewhere else.  

This week, I just had enough of our sad, mis-matched, bedroom.  I am craving it to be a space of peace and calmness...and just for it to feel finished.  So, to start that process, we sold our old sleigh bed.  It was just too dark and I was craving something light and luxurious feeling.  

I am planning to make a tall dramatic tufted headboard in it's place and re-cover a settee I bought off craigslist a few years ago to put at the end.  Here is my inspiration photo for the whole transformation...I hope my headboard turns out like this one!

Here is what we are working with now (sans the sleigh bed)


The To Do List:

Paint nightstands white
Paint both dressers (possibly Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze with Gold/Brass hardware)
Make Tufted headboard
Purchase all new bedding 
Hang Curtains
New Lamp Shades/Lamps?
Recover Settee Bench

Now this all will not be done overnight...but hopefully over the course of the Fall we will make some good progress.

I really love a big fluffy bed with lots of pillows!  I have been looking at pillows online today, and really am loving this combo...

Emerald green velvet pillows to add some drama.  It is the pantone color of the year you know :)

Love this black and white Windsor Smith for Kravet Riad print to go in front of the green.

I would love to add a smaller lumbar pillow in front to finish it off...these are my top favorites:

It will take some convincing of my husband to go with the leopard...he already said "No way!" haha...so we will see!  I am determined to add some leopard pillows in our house somewhere :)

As far as the duvet/bed linen.  We have a white duvet, but are needing a dark, durable gray quilt to help with hiding the constant dog hair and/or the occasional muddy paw that always seems to be on our bed...

Can't wait to get this going...I'm hoping we are able to start on the headboard this week!  Excited!


  1. I would love to replace our dark wood bed with something light and bright like that as well. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. cool! good luck decorating!


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