Simple Bathroom Gallery Wall

I've slowly been decorating and organizing around here, and I wanted to share a little gallery wall I did in our hall bathroom.  I have had this tile and mirror for years.  They were from my grandmother, GB, who lives in Birmingham.  She used to go to garage sales and flea markets ALL the time...which has resulted in endless treasures that she gives to me when I visit.  I have loved these two items, but never had the right place for them until now.  I may add a few other things to this gallery wall, but I love that these pieces now have a place.

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  1. This is so pretty. I love that it is simple & you used things your Grandma gave you! Where did you get the C from?

  2. great use of space! i think it looks perfect :)

  3. I love that this is simple and looks so great!


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