What I'm Loving Lately

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things around here this morning...so here you go!

I'm L-O-V-I-N-G...

The new issue of House Beautiful...so many amazing ideas!

Fresh flowers on the coffee table...And the addition of this color to our living room...I need more of it in my life...and in this room.

My new art work for the mud room.  Isn't it so fun and cute?!?  It looks just like Finnley :)

My new wallet.  Love the red inside!  (My dad was making fun of me and asked if I would blog about this wallet...So this is for him!)

I'm loving my simple bathroom gallery wall.

My little turquoise bench on our deck.

And, I'm really loving this girl...

I hope ya'll have lots in your life that you are loving right now too!  Have a great day!


  1. fresh flowers are the key to a girls heart ;) love everything- especially the sweet picture of your pup. have a great day XO!

  2. The house is coming along great! What kind of flowers are the pink ones?

  3. Love all of the new additions to your home! So pretty! haha and I love that your dad was teasing you to include the wallet. It is very pretty by the way. My hubby likes to give me a hard time about blogging too! BUT he's always on forums talking to guys and reading posts about fishing, football, recipes for grilling, etc... same thing in my book, right?! :)

  4. Fresh flowers are my guilty pleasure - I try to buy some every week at the store! :)

  5. Love the wall in your bathroom! And you may have just inspired me to stop by Trader Joes and buy myself some new flowers today.

    Hope you have a lovely day my dear!


  6. New follower! Just read your about me and your and your hubby are seriously precious! I love the display above the toliet in the bathroom, it's always such an awkward spot and you made it look chic!

  7. Adore adore that dog artwork! So cute and fun for your bedroom!

  8. Im loving your bathroom gallery wall too!!! Looks great!!! xoxo!

  9. Everything is coming together so nicely.

    I def need some fresh flowers in my house.

  10. Love the teal bench! and red wallet!!

  11. Such cute artwork! Loving all your loves!

  12. I truly love blue. The first page is incredible.


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