Hello - I am Officially Back!

Hello everyone!  I have missed blogging so much!  I have been super busy with life and our business.  To be honest - I felt like blogging all the time about things unrelated to our company was taking me away from some of the growth that needed to happen.  I have decided to continue blogging...however the focus of this blog will change a bit.  As I have grown over the last few years, I have seen how my interests in life have evolved over the last few years.  I find myself drawn to reading about other entrepreneurs like myself, my love for interiors, baking, and healthy living.  So, I have decided to link this blog through our company website and use it as a tool to not only share about my life, what I love, and things I am up to...but also a tool to grow our brand, and show you what really goes on behind the scenes of a small business.  I hope that this change will be embraced and encourage some of you out there who are thinking about taking a leap into a new path in life.  I know for me it was extremely scary, and I had a million questions.  So, yes, you will still get updates on home decor, food, and our life as well...but I want this space to be a fresh approach to owning a business in your 20's as well and help anyone out there that is thinking about going down this path.  Life is pretty exciting right now, and I would love for ya'll to follow along as I document it!  This will not be a "Business" blog by any means...but it will be a lifestyle blog that will cover my life and the journey we are on as family.

I think I will start doing a weekly "Small Business" roundup that will include some updates from our company as well my thoughts on the process as a whole...wherever we may be in the journey.  I will also definitely be posting updates on our home, things that inspire me, and my puppies! :)

Thanks for following along, and I would love for you to keep reading as I figure out the direction of this little blog that I have grown to love so much!

I'll leave you with this:

A great idea is worth exploring.  Talk to your friends and family and seek their opinions and advice.  Don't feel like you don't know enough or have what it takes to start a company if you truly are drawn to do that.  It can seem extremely daunting and overwhelming in the beginning, and you will work harder than you've ever worked in your entire life.  I can remember working the night shift as a nurse and going straight into a 7 hour baking day as soon as I got home simply because that was the only time we could do it...if you love it, it' worth it.  Don't get defeated, you will fail many times before you succeed. Trust me, I've been there, and if you stick with it, it does get better :)



  1. So glad to have you back! Love the quote. Our oldest quit her job a few months back to pursue her dream of teaching and coaching. She received the call yesterday that she will be teaching special ed and be the head cheer coach of a local high school. It pays to dream and dream big!

  2. Hey lady! Found you from somewhere on the interwebs and I am your newest follower! I too have a dog named Finnley! :)


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