Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee

A few weeks ago, our company participated in Taste of Dallas.  We had a booth inside and out and were schlepping warm Cinn-A-Rolls for $1 all weekend.  It was super hot, but we had a fun time with our friends who helped us work the crowd.  I've never heard so many phrases about a Cinn-A-Roll.  They definitely stopped people in their tracks, and supplied a good amount of laughs all weekend.  Here are just a few of my favorites our friends came up with...

..."It will change your life!"
..."What is your heart telling you?"
..."4 Quarters...You can't get anything for 4 quarters anymore..."

And my personal favorite...

..."RoRo says YOLO!"

I'm sharing this story because at the event, McDonald's was handing out free coupons for a small iced coffee.  I am new to the iced coffee bandwagon and decided to use my coupon to give it a try.  To say my life was changed would be a bit dramatic...but also true :)  I had about 3 coupons and used them all within a few days.  Then I kept finding myself crawling back for more.

So, I had pinned The Pioneer Woman's recipe for iced coffee a while back and finally got the guts to make a batch last night.  I halved this recipe and it filled a pitcher about halfway.  I think it should last  about 1-2 weeks if I have a cup a day...but who's counting...

I followed her instructions and let the coffee steep in a large bowl overnight.  Instead of using cheesecloth to strain the coffee (I started out using a coffee filter, and it was taking forever), I used our French Press to filter it.  It was much faster and easier to use this method.  So, if you have a French Press lying around, I recommend using that.

 I filled the glass with Sonic ice, poured coffee to fill about 3/4 of it....then added a few Tbs. of low fat Half and Half.  I added a little Splenda as well.   The Pioneer Woman has lots of great suggestions on how to flavor it, but I wanted to keep mine around 80 calories if possible.  

It's amazing, and I love that it's made for the week!  Are any of you on the iced coffee kick?

Stay cool today friends, It's going to be a hot one!

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