Super Bowl Snacks & A Fiesta!

I'd like to begin this post with the fact that although I own a Cinnamon Roll Company, I am NOT a pastry chef!!  Let this post save you from the mistakes I made while attempting to make these oh so cute Football Truffles for our Superbowl Party!

It all started out good and well.  My husband ran to the store while I worked out hoping to save us some time.  Although it was so nice of him to do this, he did not get the right kind of chocolate to dip the truffles in...so, I tried to improvise...and it did not go according to plan :)  So, instead of waste these yummy truffles, I went ahead and did the best I could, and here are the pics and tips for you to enjoy!

Below is everything I used for this recipe.  I would omit the white chocolate next time and use white icing - you will see in a few moments, the white chocolate did not work well for me :)  

Also, use the chocolate bark made for dipping strawberries and not the kind in the picture.  Maybe you will have better luck, but these two were not as smooth and didn't cover the truffles very well.

I crushed the oreos in my food processor and then used a hand mixer to blend the softened cream cheese.

Now here is where things went South!  I made it a goal when starting this blog to be as authentic as possible....so here is authenticity at it's best!  Ugly footballs!  They came out lumpy and did not resemble footballs...but had no time to re-do, so I pressed on...

 I put them in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up.

THEN, I attempted to pipe on melted white chocolate to make the football laces...(BIG MISTAKE!) needless to say, this did not go according to plan, and I will be using white icing next time.  So, since the laces looked horrible, I decided to take a completely different approach and just make squiggle designs to salvage any cuteness left in this dessert.

So there you go!  My Super Bowl goodies that I brought to our party.  The pigs in a blanket were simply crescent rolls and lil' smokies.  Although they may have not been the prettiest truffles, nor did they look like footballs...they sure did taste good!  We went over to some friend's house and had a great time watching the game and eating yummy food!

Here's a sneak peak of the Fiesta we attended on Friday night - more on that tomorrow!

I have loved connecting with all of you and reading all of your sweet comments.  I would love for you to be a FOLLOWER of my new blog!  Tomorrow I will be sharing how I made the picture centerpiece for the Fiesta Couple's Shower we attended Friday night!  Happy Monday!


  1. They look so cute and yummy! That's the great thing about homemade goodies, is that they're not perfect. And you own a cinnamon roll company? K, I'm officially jealous. LOVE cinnamon rolls!

  2. Haha, love the chocolate truffle story! :) They were delish...I've had one for dessert in my lunch everyday since Sunday!


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